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Mr Danson's Super Spelling Challenge

Welcome back to the super spelling challenge! Over the next couple of weeks, we will try and fit in as many challenges as we can.


Today, use the clues and the number of letters (in brackets) to write the correct words. Some of you have the starting letter in brackets, too!

Early Years:


  1. You might use one of these if you are lost. (3 m )
  2. If your drink is too hot, you should do this! (3 s )
  3. When you have eaten a lot of food, you might have eaten too …. (4 m)
  4. Sometimes if you’re poorly, your skin might come out in a …. (4 r)


Key Stage 1:

  1. If you share something with two people, it is split into … (4)
  2. In a treasure hunt, you have to …. the clues (4).


  1. On a car journey, you may …. some fields (4).
  2. Another word for humans. (6)

Lower Key Stage 2:

  1. Another word for being very sure about something. (7)
  2. If you have eaten plenty, you might have eaten …. (6)
  3. If you are well-know you could be very … (7)
  4. An item that belongs to you might be known as one of your (11)

Upper Key Stage 2:

  1. You might find this word at the end of a letter. (9)
  2. If you tell a joke and nobody laughs, you may feel a little … (10)
  3. We would all like the … to get back to school soon! (11)
  4. Something that is irritating could be classed as a … (9)