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Welcome to Barton St Peter's Governing Body Information Page

The Governing Body for Barton St Peters School is a team of individuals drawn from different sections of our community – Head teachers, staff and parents, local community members and because St Peters is a church school we have representatives from the local church.

Governors are the strategic leaders of the school and have overall responsibility for the way a school is run. We have to promote the highest standards for all the pupils, help to set the overall aims and objectives and monitor the school’s progress towards achieving them.

Governors support and challenge the Head Teacher and are often referred to as “critical friends”. We ask difficult questions, seek information and provide constructive criticism. Overall the three key roles for Governors are - setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluating school performance.

Individually governors have no direct power within the school. All decisions are made at our full governors meetings or one of the committee meetings though these are generally ratified at the full board meeting

We meet as a full governing board three times each year in the second half of each term. In the first half of each term we have a day of committee meetings. The morning is taken up with the Resources Committee which includes finance, personnel, property and health and safety plus one or two others. The afternoon sees our Teaching and Learning committee which looks at children’s progress and other aspects of teaching. Usually governors will stay for the full day and if not involved with one of the committees will use the time to take learning walks around the school.

As governors we like to hear the views not only of the staff but also the parents. One or more of us are at most of the events in the school and we look forward to hearing you views. If you would like to contact the chair, Mike May then you can email him  or write to the school.


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