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Church School Vision


"In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:16 


Barton St Peter's, is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, which means that the church and the Christian faith have a high profile in all that we do.

We are very proud of being part of the Church School family. Our values underpin all that we do and are shared with the whole school community. We have a close relationship with the local church St Mary's and the clergy who serve our parish; we take our distinctiveness as a Church School seriously and set great strength by the quality of the relationship within our community.

The Y6 pupils take an active part in the Church Schools Festival at Lincoln Cathedral in the summer term with Y5 having their own similar festival at St.Mary's. We attend our local church for services at  Harvest, Christmas, Candlemas and Easter in addition to our act of worship being delivered at the church at least once per term. Members of the church community support the school with events such as the Holiday Lunch Club and Activity Days in school.  In addition work with St. Mary's we work closely with the Methodist church, and Deacon Helen, their community officer is a regular visitor to school.
We also visit local the churches to support our wider curriculum ; for example drawing in Art, investigating local history and of course RE
Local clergy and faith leaders regularly visit our school and we have close links with our Bishop's visitor, all of whom regularly lead collective worship.

We all reflected on what our school vision means to us...

There are many ways in which we seek to realise our church school vision.

We don’t just let our children shine ...

Our staff shining light board

Collective Worship at St Peter's

Our worship rota follows a varied programme of opportunities for all children and adults to engage with God, if they wish.

Monday is a whole school worship delivered by the teachers on a rota. This is our first gathering of the week and a time to come together as a family.  

Tuesday Worship is led by Miss Brack and Mr Danson. We learn new songs on a Tuesday.

Wednesday is our visitor worship where we welcome visitors from many faiths and organisations to lead. Our newest visitors are the Imam from the mosque in Scunthorpe and Mr Carr from the Evangelical church.

Thursdays is class worship where we gather in our classrooms to reflect on the messages from the week.

Friday worship is led by the Worship Council. This group of children lead on all aspects of Friday worship and evaluate the week.

Half termly we hold a celebration worship where we celebrate our lights shining with family and friends.


Our worship areas always reflect the colours and thoughts of the liturgical year.



Weekly Prayers Autumn 20

As we can't all be together for our worship at the moment we wanted to do something that would help us feel a sense of togetherness.  Each week one class will write a prayer which all classes will us that week in their worship time. This will remind us that everyone is here and that we are rebuilding our school community.

Please take a moment to have a look


Our Candle Prayer

Still image for this video
We always start our worship with our candle prayer. We light three candles to remind us of the Holy Trinity and to help us to focus on what we are learning.

Bible Presentations

Barton St Peter's Church of England Primary School enjoys a special church school status and has a close relationship with the parish church of St.Mary's and the many clergy who work there.

This means that we appreciate the church message of 'faithful.confident.joyful' from the Diocese of Lincoln and try and strive to incorporate this into all that we do as a school.


From the moment the children join us they are welcomed by a gift of Bible stories and as they leave us in Year 6, they continue life's learning and faith journey with a Good News Bible from the school.  Mrs Wright, our Bishop's Visitor usually presents the bibles but because of the restrictions this year Miss Brack gave our new starters theirs. Mrs Wright did send us a lovely video message :)


How the local church communities support our school




Father David


Leads worship

Leads key services at church ( Harvest, Christmas, Easter )

School governor

Reverend Wright


Leads worship

Supports RE lessons

Supports development of collective worship

Leads Y5 church day

Leads joint worship with Wootton St Andrews


Father Ivan


Leads worship

Supports with school trips and visits

Father Jake


Link with Seafarers mission

Mrs Wright


Bishop’s Visitor

School governor

Supports intervention groups in Year 2 and Year 4

Supports school trips

Supports holiday lunch club

Supports activity days such as Lord’s Prayer Day and Year 5 festival

Deacon Helen


Leads worship

Supports activity days such as Lord’s Prayer Day and Year 5 festival

Co ordinates visits to the chapel

Leads Messy Church which children attend in the holidays

Church school Festival 2019


Our service looked a little bit different this year as we had to meet virtually but our google meet allowed us to be together while being apart and also allowed some special visitors to dial in and join us .

"Love your neighbour as yourself" Mark 12:31 Young Minds Mental Health Awareness Day... At a time when it's needed most we came together #HelloYellow

Lord's Prayer Learning and Reflection Day 2020

The Lord's Prayer

Still image for this video
In preparation for our Lord's Prayer Day celebration, some Year 6 children created some actions to go with the prayer. They will share this video with all classes so that we can all learn the actions.

Lincoln Cathedral Carol service

Still image for this video

RE at Barton St Peter's


We teach RE in accordance with the East Riding of Yorkshire agreed syllabus with materials from the diocese of Lincoln used to support lesson planning and delivery. It is a core part of our school curriculum to help our pupils develop their religious literacy. We believe religious literacy to be the fact that

“Our pupils’ ability to hold balanced and well-informed conversations about religion and belief”.


As a Church of England school, we recognise the core place that RE occupies as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. We also understand the contribution of effective RE to our journey towards realising our school’s distinctively Christian vision.

We recognise the variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds that make up our school community and we respect this variety of backgrounds in the spirit of Christian welcome. We are glad to have good relationships with faith practitioners from a range of world faiths and we value their contribution to our provision of effective RE and Collective Worship.

We actively seek to prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain. As such, we promote key British values, including respect for and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. We challenge racism and all forms of prejudice and we see RE as one curriculum area in which our pupils can encounter and critically reflect on a range of worldviews.



Humanism... what do you know?

Julia Beckett, local Humanist, led an assembly in school this morning introducing us to the world of Humanism. 

Year 6 then took part in a special workshop around the question: 'Can you be good without gods or religion?' as part of their current learning in Religious Education. 

The children had a morning of questions and deep thinking - thank you Julia!

Being Hindu!

Still image for this video
On Monday and Tuesday 14/15th September Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to have a fantastic visitor - Mrs Sunita Patel from The Indian Experience. As part of our aim to provide an RE syllabus that is immersive, we wanted to give the children an authentic flavour and introduction to our current unit of work on Hinduism. Sunita brought with her lots of interesting artefacts and explained to us about the Gods she believes in and worships. We also enjoyed storytelling about Diwali as well as learning some Bollywood dance moves that staff and children alike enjoyed. Check out Mr Smaller's moves!
We ended the two days by creating rangoli artwork before a final insight into challenging stereotypes talk. We can't wait to see Sunita again!

Ps - Covid note - Sunita worked only in ventilated bubbles, using hand sanitiser constantly and all clothes were bagged and washed.

Creative RE The Easter Journey

Support in the community


Our school is proud of the work we do to support the local community and how we engage in social action.


This year we have been supporting the Mission to Seafarers who provide emotional support to sailors far from home and also provide treat packages.  Our harvest appeal collected items that the sailors need to give them a little comfort on their travels. Father Jake and Father Ivan, chaplains to the seafarers,  came in to talk to us about the work they do and how important our support is.


Barton Area Food Bank

In our entrance we have a collection point for the local food bank. Our church school community has provided many kilograms of food for this collection. Mrs Wind works at the food bank and feeds back to us how valuable our support is.




Christmas Shopping For The Food Bank

Why we should support the food bank!

Still image for this video
Year 5 were tasked with completing a piece of persuasive writing to persuade others to support the Barton Local Area Food Bank.
This is Chloe's piece and we think it explains beautifully why this is so important to us here at St Peter's

Young leaders’ Award

William had to make a cake for charity for his Young Leaders Award. Because of the pandemic rules he wasn’t sure about this and so he asked if friends wanted to buy cakes instead and he would donate the takings. William chose Children in Need.
A lot of chocolate later he made over 100 brownies and £170 

well done William

Our Twin School

We are very good at helping people in our local community but we decided that we wanted to help people in other parts of the world.  Mrs Crosby found out about a charity called Edukaid who help children in Tanzania to go to school.  We have been twinned with a school called Mbuo Primary. You can read about the school on the sheet below.  We are very excited about this and cannot wait to start writing to the children and finding out what school is like for them

We have decided to share the money raised at our Christmas Fair with the school and will be sending off a cheque for £350. This will buy 100 text books, 1 year's worth of chalk, some floor mats for the infants and some desks.


The things our fundraising bought January 2020


The Great Chalk Hunt November 2020...We wanted to think about how hard it is for our twin school in Tanzania to get the things they need! Our school council came up with the idea that we would hunt for cards and each card would be worth £1... a box of chalk costs £30! We found enough cards to buy 4 boxes of chalk ... and had a lot of fun too @Edukaid

We received an update from Tanzania. This is preprimary where our chalk went πŸ˜€

What a wonderful surprise from our friends in Tanzania